Meet the BuzzyTeam! 

Ruth Kingham: My nickname is the 'Busy Bee' due to always being busy in the kitchen cooking and baking to please friends, family and customers. I am the primary owner of Buzz Rail Cafe and took over the business in 2017 with a vision of starting a vintage cafe which is slowly coming together. I work in the kitchen, front of house and in the background of the business as well as organising all events, functions and parties that we cater for! Its also my job to overlook the continues development of our new social media accounts and ensure that all offers are publicised as much as possible by co working with Louie.

Allan Kingham: My role is to support my lovely wife, Ruth and I do as I'm told when I'm told! I am also one of the owners and I am the mastermind behind the refurbishing of the cafe (with the supervision from  Ruth!). My job is to ensure that my wife's dream becomes a reality and a thriving success. I mainly work front of house and am a champion in customer service!

Louie Jones: My role within the cafe is to ensure that the food  is up to Ruth's 5 star standards to ensure full customer satisfaction and the cafe is  ready for customers when they arrive. Its also my job to ensure that the website and social media keeps up to date and all events are published as much as possible. I also make sure posters and other publicising resources are up to date! I also do a lot of behind the scenes work with our lovely new website to ensure we keep all our customers up to date with any offers.

Amber Connick: My role within the cafe is to ensure that the food is up to Ruth's 5 star standards to ensure full customer satisfaction. Its also part of my role to ensure that the cafe is clean and tidy ready for customers when they arrive.

The Buzz Rail Cafe Team