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Drinks Menu 

Hot Drinks:

English Breakfast Tea: £1.50 

English Breakfast Decaf Tea: £1.95

Earl Gray: £2.10

Rooibos (Red-bush): £2.20

Camomile: £2.00

Peppermint: £2.10

Green Tea: £2.20

Fruit Tea: Watch a flower grow inside your glass ... ask for Flora Tea! : £4.00

Americano: £2.35

Cappuccino: £2.50

Latte: £2.50

Espresso: £2.00

Mocha: £3.00 

Cold Drinks

We stock fresh juices to cordials and fizzy drinks. Prices vary depending on your choice. 

Cakes and Sweet Things

Cakes: There is always a lovely range of cakes available on the counter so please come along to the cafe to see whats available (various prices)!

Ice Creams: Available through the summer period at a range of different prices (prices differ according to brand).

TOP PICK:Children's Picnic Packs 

Consisting of: Sweets, Toy, Spoon and Mouse, Drink, Child Sandwich (Cheese,Jam, Ham): £5.00

Food Menu 

Speedy Bites:

Toast:  Jam and Butter: £2.50, Marmite and Butter: £2.50, Baked Beans and Butter: £2.80

Sandwiches: Bacon: £3.50, Sausage: £3.50, Sausage and Bacon,: £5.00

Sandwiches, Toasties and Baguettes --

Cheese & Tomato: £4.85, Cheese&onion chutney: £4.85, Cheese, Tomato & Onion: £4.95 , Ham & Tomato: £4.95 , Ham & Salad: £4.95, Cheese & Ham: £5.20, Chicken & Tomato: £5.20, Chicken & Salad: £5.20 

( Toasties 20p extra and Baguettes 50p extra)

Indulgent Sandwiches

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato (BLT): £4.95,

Spicy tuna with chilli, onion & peppers: £4.95

TOP PICK: Club Sandwich (BLT+ chicken): £5.50

Brie & Bacon: £5.50

Brie & Blackcurrant Jelly: £5.25

Coronation Chicken with raisins & almonds: £5.30 

Hot and Fluffy Baked Potatoes - available in a range of different filling - come into the cafe for more details 

TOP PICK: Ploughman's Lunch 

Traditional a British workers packed lunch consisting of cheddar cheese and pickles with tough bread: Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Pickles, Chutney, apple, Petite Pains (mini baguette), lettuce and Butter: £6.50


Cheddar Cheese & Salsa: £5.95, Chilli & Sour Cream: £6.50 


Chicken & Bacon: £5.95, Ham: £5.95, Tuna: £5.95, Cheese: £5.95

Traditional South African Dishes:
Orders taken in advance of your visit.Contact us to order yours today or come into the cafe for more details - see Ruth for more information! 

Afternoon Tea:

Buzz Rail Cafe will be starting afternoon teas as of September 2018 and will consist of the following;
Unlimited Tea/Coffee, Mini Cake Selection, Mini Sandwich Selection and a Scone with Jam and Clotted Cream.

 Only: £15 per person (BOOKING REQUIRED)

 We also cater for private parties and functions - Contact Ruth (see contact page for details)


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