Our Menu

Choose from tasty:

Baguettes, Paninis, Sandwiches, Toasties, Croissants or Baked Potato

 With one of the mouthwatering fillings:

  • Spicy tuna, pepper, onion & mayo
  • Coronation chicken with raisins & almonds
  • Savoury chicken, bacon & mayo
  • Mexican chicken
  • Cheese & onion chutney 
  • Ham & cheese  
  • Cheese & tomato 
  • Brie & cranberry jelly  
  • Chilli con carne (on baked potato only)  
  • Baked beans with cheese topping (on baked potato only)   

All served with: side salad, coleslaw & crisps

 Continental Breakfast:

 Croissant, brioche or Sweet rolls

Served  all day with Cheese, jam, and deli meats   

 Selection of cakes:

 Priced individually

Tiny Buzzy Bee Menu

Mini sandwich or Petit Pan

with filling from above

Treat for Two:

 Pot of tea or coffee with scones, jam and clotted cream  

Something to whetyour palateā€¦


 Pot of Tea  

 All Speciality Teas:-

Earl Grey      Peppermint      Camomile

Selection of fruit teas

Green Tea

Rooibos / Redbush


Americano  &  Flat White   





 Hot Chocolate, cream & marshmallows 

Cool drinks & water as priced individually.


 We also cater for private parties and functions.


Buzzrail cafe rolls
buzzrail cafe seeded ham rolls
buzzrailcafe toasties